We are very excited to report that Belvedere has remained below 20 microns for the third shearing in a row!

Mean Fiber Diameter: 15.5 microns
Standard Deviation: 3.9 microns
Coefficient of Variation: 24.9%
Spin Fineness: 15.6 microns
Fibers Greater than 30 microns: 0.4%
Comfort Factor: 99.6%
Mean Staple Length: 84.2 mm
Length Standard Deviation: 2.6 mm
Length Coefficient of Variation: 3.1%
Mean Curvature: 67.2 deg/mm
SD Curvature: 36.0 deg/mm
Medullated Fibers: 2.4%

His total shear weight for 2012 was 7.6 pounds.